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Our company was origin in year 1991.
It was origined by father and his sons.
On the beggining of run a business company retread tyres, so now we have a huge experience in this field.
In 1998 Company was moved from Lwówek to Grońsko, to special buildings which were built specially for company. In this period our range was grown to present services.

We are not only important producer of retreaded tires on the Polish market but we also export our products to neighboring countries - mainly Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia less. We guarantee high quality products, reliable execution of orders and the efficient and professional service.

Currently, the main areas of operation of the company are:
- production of retreaded tires
- production of materials for the production of retreaded tires (tread belts)
- retreading tires
- production of rubber compounds
- vulcanization of tires
- wheel balancing
- the sale of used tires
- sales of fuels (Petrol Station) - diesel, eurosuper95, superplus98, LPG
- service tires
- car wash

Also we offer grocery shop and completely free parking.

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